The electric drive of the Lampuga surfboards is powered by a lithium-ion battery with 3.6 kWh capacity. Depending on the riding style, weight, experience level and weather conditions, the riding time is up to 45 minutes. The use of a plug & play system allows effortless charging or changing of the battery. The charging time at a 230-volt socket is approx. 120 minutes. The battery is equipped with an LED display on the top that shows the charging status as well as operating instructions.


The surfboards are equipped with an electric motor that has an output of 10 kW, i.e. approx. 14 hp. The motor is supplied with power as soon as the battery is inserted into the battery compartment of the board and the operation button on the battery is pressed. The cooling system, in which water is sucked in and fed through pipes around the motor, guarantees the optimal operating temperature of the motor.

Jet engine

Driven by the electric motor, the boards are accelerated forward by a jet drive. Water is sucked in, accelerated by an impeller and released in the form of a powerful jet of water at the rear. The thrust of more than 50 kg generated in this way accelerates the Lampuga Air to a speed of up to 50 km/h.

Remote control

The rider regulates the speed of the e-surfboards with a hand-held remote control that communicates with the board via Bluetooth. The remote control is attached to a handle that can be connected to the board via a tether. The optional tether provides the rider with more stability and control during launch and ride.

Kill Switch

The magnetic kill switch system is an important safety measure that is used on all Lampuga surfboards. This emergency kill switch is located on the back of the board and is connected to the rider's ankle by a safety rope. If the rider falls off the board, the contact is interrupted and the motor is switched off immediately.